Clinical Features

  • Outpatient and inpatient documentation
  • Bed Management/Order Management
  • Provides Drug-Drug/Drug-Allergy interaction screening seamlessly with the First Data Bank's MedKnowledge product
  • Disease management
  • Medical references 
  • Clinical decision support 
  • Point of injury documentation 
  • Automated medical coding 
  • Complete Dental modules
  • Supports large and small hospitals as well as a single medic (OpenAHLTA on a laptop)
  • OpenAHLTA Admin and OpenAHLTA Security to create clinics and manage users
  • Medical assessments of patient's deployment readiness
  • Pre-deployment medical exams to record existing medical conditions 
  • Post-deployment medical exams to note changes in pre-existing conditions and to identify new conditions whose onset occurred during deployment 


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