Copyright 2021 - OpenAHLTA - The Military Grade EHR
  • Rich Windows client interface provides robust EHR capabilities
  • Operates on Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista and XP operating systems
  • Features a MySQL database for a no cost, high performance data store
  • Provides a life-long medical record of illness and injuries, care received and immunization status
  • Enables practices to achieve a paperless record
  • Enhances the delivery of patient care in remote and disconnected environments
  • Increases clinical and administrative efficiency
  • Provides centralized records maintenance
  • Works in low and no communication environments
  • Fast and easy deployment using the virtual machine download

OpenAHLTA is the only battle proven, enterprise-wide, free open source, clinical information system who's baseline provides secure access to millions of health records around the world.  It is the open source version of AHLTA-Theater, developed by the United States Military Health System (MHS), and allows caregivers to document soldiers health information and history on the battlefield.   

OpenAHLTA, similar to AHLTA-Theater, can run on a laptop or a server. AHLTA is the DoD EHR, used in military hospitals and treatment facilities, and currently supports more than 9.7 million U.S. Service members, retirees, family members and other dependents. AHLTA-Theater is fully compatible with AHLTA, is deployable, has a similar look and feel, and retains much of the same functionality as the main system.

AHLTA-Theater and OpenAHLTA are tailored to overcome the often austere and disconnected conditions of combat areas and afloat forces. It supports laptop documentation of clinical care, whether connected to a network or as a stand-alone system. In low- or no-communication environments, AHLTA-Theater utilizes a unique "store and forward" capability that allows data to be housed on a local database until connectivity is restored and transmission is possible.

  • Outpatient and inpatient documentation
  • Bed Management/Order Management
  • Provides Drug-Drug/Drug-Allergy interaction screening seamlessly with the First Data Bank's MedKnowledge product
  • Disease management
  • Medical references 
  • Clinical decision support 
  • Point of injury documentation 
  • Automated medical coding 
  • Complete Dental modules

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